What Does TMB Mean On Snapchat?

What Does TMB Mean On Snapchat?

Are you confused about the meaning of the TMB acronym used by your friend or anyone while chatting on Snapchat? If yes, do not worry; in today’s article, I will tell you what TMB means on Snapchat, how to reply to it and lastly, I will give you some tips to use it effectively in a conversation.

TMB – Meaning On Snapchat

TMB stands for “Text Me Back”. That means the other person is asking you to text him back. It is generally used by persons when the opposite person tells them that he is busy or driving etc. You will understand it better by the following example –

You: Hey Micheal! what’s up?
Micheal: I am driving right now, TMB after one hour.

How To Reply When Someone Says TMB?

When someone says “TMB” to you on Snapchat, you can respond with just a simple “Okay” or “Sure” to acknowledge that you will text them back later when you’re free. If you don’t want to text them back, you can politely inform them instead of ignoring them.

Tips For Using TMB Effectively

  1. Only use TMB when you’re genuinely busy and need the other person to text you because you are so occupied at that time that you can forget that someone messaged you.
  2. Don’t overuse TMB, as it is generally found rude or dismissive if used too frequently.
  3. If you think the matter requires immediate attention, it’s better to discuss it immediately instead of using TMB.
  4. Avoid using TMB in professional or formal contexts, as it may appear too casual.

Final Notes

So this is what TMB means on Snapchat, if you use acronyms while chatting you can communicate more effectively. So start using acronyms while chatting, save your typing time, and invest that time in something else.

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