What Does WYLL Mean On Snapchat?

What Does WYLL Mean On Snapchat?

Getting unknown messages on Social Media apps is common, some people use acronyms even in the first chat with a person and expect you to understand that. WYLL is the most used acronym for the first-time chatting with an unknown person on Snapchat or any other texting app.

So it is essential for you to know about its meaning, in this guide, you will get to know what WYLL means on Snapchat? and how you should respond to such a message.

WYLL – Meaning On Snapchat

WYLL stands for “What You Look Like” which means the sender asks for your photo to know your appearance. This acronym began to be used by people around December 2020 and it became famous on Snapchat in 2022.

How To Respond To WYLL On Snapchat?

If an unknown person sends you “WYLL” on Snapchat, he is asking you to send a photo of yours to him. Well, it is up to you how you respond to such a message, but I suggest you consider the following suggestions –

1. Share Your Photo

If you think it is appropriate to send a personal photo of yours, then you should. But please make sure you are confident about it because sometimes, some people misuse those photos. So it is up to your intelligence how you think about the request. I just want to say please make sure you can trust that person.

2. Ignore or Block Him

The second thing you can do is ignore that request or block him. If you think that person is trying to steal some personal information from you, then you should never share your photo of yours.

3. Decline Request

Otherwise, if you think blocking or ignoring him is rude then you can decline him politely with all due respect. For example – you can say I am not comfortable with sharing of photo of mine.

4. Ask About Context

Moreover, you can ask him about the context, like in which context he is asking for your photo, if you are satisfied with that then you can share the photo or if you aren’t then don’t.

Final Notes

So, this is what WYLL means on Snapchat, always think twice before sharing any information with a stranger. Always prioritize your information security while responding to requests like “WYLL”.

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