What Does WTV Mean On Snapchat?

What Does WTV Mean On Snapchat?

So your friend has again used a weird acronym and you are so confused and trying to figure out the meaning of that, searching here and there to find out. Don’t worry in this guide you will get to know about the meaning of “WTV” on Snapchat, and how you can use it correctly.

Meaning of “WTV” on Snapchat

“WTV” is used as the acronym for “whatever” mostly used in chatting on Snapchat. But it doesn’t mean it is limited to Snapchat only, you can use it on any texting app.

However WTM is used in many contexts, so it becomes essential to the most common contexts in which it is used and you can easily know what your friend is trying to say when he uses WTM in a sentence.

To Express a No Effect Attitude

WTM is mostly used to express indifference or no effect attitude about something. “WTV” also conveys a lack of strong feelings about a particular situation. For example:

    Friend – “What movie do you want to watch tonight?”
    You – “WTV, I’m good with anything.”

    To Indicate Multiple Options

    WTM is also used in response to a message when your friend has given you some options. And you are okay with anyone, you don’t have a particular choice in that. For example –

      Friend – “We can go to the beach, the park, or the movies.
      You – “WTV man, do you want to do, I am okay with that”

      To Convey An Aggressive Attitude

      WTM can be used to convey an aggressive attitude or don’t care attitude. It is used by people to convey that they are angry about something. It is similar to the no-effect attitude. For example:

        Friend – “Can we talk about what happened last night?”
        You – “WTV, I don’t care about that.”

        Final Notes

        So using “WTV” effectively is not a big task, you just have to understand the context and that’s all. But never use these types of acronyms in professional or formal conversations, because it doesn’t give a formal tone.

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