Why is Snapchat Demoting the Snapchat Planets Feature?

Why is Snapchat Demoting the Snapchat Planets Feature?

It’s been a year since Snapchat launched its most famous and loved feature – Snapchat Planets. However, as per research conducted by WSJ – this feature is not good for teenagers and has a bad effect on them. So due to some controversies around this, Snapchat finally decided to make some changes in this feature.

What is Snapchat Planets System?

Snapchat Planets is a system by which users in each other’s profiles can see their respective positions represented by planets in our solar system. For example – if you see on your friend’s profile yourself as Venus then you are his 2nd best friend on Snapchat.

What Changes Have Been Made?

According to Snapchat solar system feature is used by only 0.25% of the total daily users of Snapchat, which is approximately 1,035,000. There have been many controversies regarding the Snapchat Planets system, so the company decided to make it an opt-in feature for Snapchat+ users.

Until now, this feature has been automatically turned on when users purchase a Snapchat+ subscription. But from now on this will be only an opt-in feature. You can check this article by newsroom on it.

Final Notes

In my opinion, this system is good, and I don’t see any disadvantages. But at the end of the day, it depends on each person’s view on the topic. Some find the system of the Snapchat planets very good, while others find it bad for teenagers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it Mean the Snapchat Planets Feature is Removed?

No, it is only demoted and now it is only an opt-in feature.

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