What Does JSP Mean On Snapchat?


Nowadays chatting on Snapchat is all about slang, especially young people love to use slang to express their feelings while chatting or writing a caption. It looks cool if you truly know about the meaning of the slang you are using.

If your friend has used “JSP” while chatting with you and you are confused about what it means and how to use it in a sentence? Then this guide is for you, in it, you will get to know about “JSP” meaning and much more.

JSP Meaning Explained

JSP is used in two ways on Snapchat namely –

  • In French, it stands for “Je Ne Sais Pas” which in English means “I don’t Know”
  • But some people also use “JSP” as an acronym for – “Just Saying”.

So, you have to examine the sentence in which “JSP” is used to know about in which sense it is used. Let me explain it with an example –

“He should not talk with the teacher like that, what is wrong with him, JSP”
“I think that song was overrated, JSP”

In the first example, it is used in the French sense, whereas in the second example, it is used differently.

How to JSP in Texting Correctly and Effectively?

When you use “JSP” in your Snapchat conversations and captions, always pay attention to the context so that you can determine which meaning you want to convey.

  • If you want to express a lack of knowledge or uncertainty about something, use “JSP” in the French sense of “Je Ne Sais Pas” meaning “I don’t know.” For example:

Friend: Did Mike finish the homework assignment?
You: JSP

  • However, if you want to add a casual remark or opinion, use “JSP” as the English acronym for “Just Saying.” For example –

You: That new movie wasn’t that great. JSP (Just Saying)

So, it is based on your personal choice in which form you want to use it.

Final Notes

So this is what ‘JSP’ means on Snapchat. I hope your doubt about using it in two senses is also cleared. If you want to thank me, please leave a lovely comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use JSP on WhatsApp?

Yes. you can use it on any texting app while chatting with your friends.

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