What Does OTW Mean On Snapchat?

What Does OTW Mean On Snapchat?

The obsession of young Snapchat users to use the acronyms is unreal. Well, I am not saying, this is a bad thing, but it is a little bit confusing for the new users, who search here and there to know about the meaning of that slang. If you are confused about what OTW means on Snapchat and ways to use it correctly, then this guide is for you.

OTW – Meaning

OTW stands for “On the Way” in texting on Snapchat. It is used when someone asks about when you will arrive at a specific place or location, you can respond with “OTW” to let them know that you are currently on the way and will be there soon.

One thing that is special about this acronym is that it is not as confusing as WTM because it only has one meaning, so once you determine the context, it is easy to guess what it means. For example –

Friend – “When will you be at the party?”
You – “OTW”

So instead of typing the whole words, using OTW is a convenient way to provide a quick update to your friends.

Tips To Use OTW Effectively

These tips are not relevant to each case, but they will surely help you understand how to use OTW effectively –

Be Specific About the Location

When you use “OTW” to let someone know that you’re on your way, it will be good if you are specific to location. For example, “OTW to the mall” or “OTW to your place.”

Give an Estimated Time

You can also provide the estimated time of arrival with OTW. For example, “OTW, should be there in 10 mins.”

Don’t Overuse It

Well, this one is common for every acronym, only use it where it is necessary, and don’t use it, especially in more formal conversations.

Final Notes

So this is what OTW means on Snapchat, I have also explained other most used acronyms on Snapchat, you can check the blog section for it.

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